Teenager Has ‘I Am A Thief’ Tattooed On His Face After Being Caught Stealing

Teenager gets 'I am a thief' tattooed on his head
Teenager gets 'I am a thief' tattooed on his head

A Brazilian tattoo artist has been charged with torture after inking “I am a thief” on the forehead of a teenager he caught trying to steal.

Ronildo Moreira de Araujo, 29, claims he saw the 17-year-old trying to steal a bicycle in the Sao Bernardo do Campo area and thought he would take justice into his own hands by inking a permanent warning on his face.

A video of the act shows the teen sitting in a chair while Araujo explains what he is going to do to him. He then sits dumbfounded as the words “Eu sou ladrão e vacilão”, which roughly translates as “I am a thief and a loser”, are inked in large letters on his face. At one point Arajuo appears to taunt the teen and asks if he “likes” his new tattoo.

Teenager looks terrified as the tattoo artist begins
Teenager looks terrified as the tattoo artist begins


Ronildo’s neighbor Maycon Wesley Carvalho dos Reis, 27,  filmed the act and later posted it online where it quickly went viral. Relatives of the alleged thief recognized the teenager in the video and reported it to the police leading to the pair being arrested and charged with torture.

The story has since taken an even more worrying turn as the boy has not been seen since he recieved the tattoo.

The 17-year-old allegedly tried to steal a bike

Wesley and Araujo insisted that they did released the boy after the incident and said they have no idea where he is now. His family claim he has been missing since May 31, with the act taking place last Friday, June 9th.

Meanwhile, a fund has been set up to help pay for the removal of the tattoo that stretches across the boy’s entire forehead. According to Brazillian website Aconteceu no Vale the fund has already exceeded its initial aim and so far has raised $6,088.