WATCH: Teens Lure Friend to a Party, Attack Her and Post 10-Minute Video of Horrific Beating Online

WARNING: The video above is graphic, violent and not intended for all viewers.

A group of teens are seen in a shockingly brutal video attacking their 14-year-old friend, who they invited over under the pretense of a sleepover party. The 10-minute video shot from a cell phone shows at least five different girls attacking Naomi Johnson, dragging her by her hair, beating her and stomping on her.

In addition to filming the savage assault, the girls posted the footage to Twitter.

Despite the beating going viral, and taking place back in July, police have taken no action yet against any of the girls involved. Additionally their school, located in Anchorage, Alaska where the incident took place, has not suspended or taken any action against the girls either.

According to Naomi’s parents, she was left severely injured—with medical expenses costing upwards of $40,000. Her parents say she has been left forever changed by the attack, mentally and psychologically as well.

Naomi no longer goes to school as a result of the attack.

Although the Anchorage Police Department confirmed that it has been made aware of, and seen the footage, a spokesperson said that an investigation is still pending. They have not charged anyone in connection with the attack.

The Johnson family is now suing the woman at whose home the incident took place, who is believed to be the mother of one of the girls implicated in the attack, claiming that she provided alcohol to the underage girls and that she failed to intervene.