Teens React to Terrible 80s Fashion

It’s time to break out those shoulder pads, neon leotards, windbreakers and legwarmers—we know you still have them in a box somewhere. The 80s aren’t making a comeback, but it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. In a video by the popular YouTube users TheFineBros, a group of teenagers react to the fashion trends of the 80s.

Don’t let yourself feel old after watching their shocked reactions, instead, bask in the nostalgia of the era. Remember, the kids weren’t around when it was happening—they just don’t understand it because you had to be there.

At the time, shoulder pads turned a boring ensemble into a chic power suit, and the neon headbands were both fun and sensible workout attire. That crimped hair was totally worth the hole in the ozone layer from all the hairspray it required—right?

Anyway, enjoy the video for a laugh— and keep in mind that in a couple decades these kids will look back at their high school yearbooks with fashion regrets of their own.