Man Sues Hospital for Failing to Remove His Best Friend’s Teeth from His Leg

Yes, this is indeed a true story. A scaffolder from London says that his career is in jeopardy because his leg is horrifically infected.

It all started when he and his buddy were on a trampoline. Daniel Rigby, 29, was minding his own business when his friend Peter Walsh joined him.

“He jumped on and jokingly tried to kick me, I pulled his leg away and his face smashed into my knee and he blacked out,” says Rigby. “He was probably out for a couple of minutes. His face was down and I saw blood coming out of his mouth and teeth missing… I tried to stand up and collapsed because of my leg.”

Walsh’s teeth dug into Rigby’s skin and instantly yanked out. The duo was eventually able to crawl into a cab and were rushed to the emergency room.

Rigby claims the doctor failed to recover the full teeth from his leg. “He took me off X-Ray and he said there’s only a bit of bone cartilage, nothing to worry about. They have me two stitches and sent me on my way.”

The following photos reveal his leg before treatment and after (Warning: The first image is graphic):



Rigby says that his leg has been horribly infected and the swelling won’t go down. “It’s really bad. Since it happened my leg stiffens up and I have to strap it up when it gets really bad.

When asked about Rigby’s case, a Croydon Health Services spokesman said that he couldn’t comment on individual cases due to patient confidentiality.

It appears that there are a couple morals to this story. First and foremost, don’t horse around with your grown pals on a trampoline (and for goodness sakes guard your two front teeth if you do). And secondly, make sure you have the doc show you each entire tooth after they pull it out of your leg (that is if for any reason any of your best friend’s teeth become embedded in your being).