Tendle.com: A New App Helps Parents Unite to Make Sure Kids Are Safe & Happy

If you’re a parent, especially a working parent with little free time, you already know that school phone lists, Facebook, other social media sites and even PTAs just don’t cut it when it comes to connecting other parents in a meaningful and useful way. With the growing worries parents have, a new program called Tendle.com may just be the remedy to overwhelmed teachers who don’t have the time or means to connect communities in order to keep kids safe and happy.

“I came up with the concept of Tendle.com over three years ago when my then 8th grade daughter began sharing disturbing stories of behaviors that were going on regularly at her school,” said founder Melanie Lekkos. “I was a Mom who had moved to a new city and discovered how difficult it was to find a community of school parents to engage with to discuss and address some of these issues. That’s when I came up with the idea for Tendle.com as a way to connect.”

Melanie Lekkos, Founder of Tendle.com
Melanie Lekkos, Founder of Tendle.com

Born & raised in Texas, Melanie Lekkos is a wife and mother of two. She is also a Registered Nurse and an entrepreneur, who’s launched a small private school as well as a successful aesthetic medical practice. In 2011, Melanie relocated to Malibu, California with her family due to her husband’s medical practice. When Lekkos’s then 8th Grade daughter came home from her new school (where Lekkos didn’t know any other parents) she shared stories of what some of the kids were doing without the knowledge of parents and school officials. It was out of concern that the new app was born.

Lekkos wanted to create a way for parents to share such worrisome information with one another. Facebook lacked the focus, appropriate audience and privacy. So she came up with an idea to create a social network that would connect parents directly in a meaningful, safe way that centered around children, parents and their schools.

Tendle.com addresses trends ranging from vaping and unsupervised parties to bullying. An anonymous feature is also available for parents to report incidents to other parents. The site also encourages engagement in school functions including games, club events, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities and even carpools. To highlight happy memories, Tendle.com also allows parents to uploading images and videos to pages and subgroups.

Tendle.com is uniquely aimed at parents with a simple layout that is easy to navigate but still allows for a variety of functions depending on a parent’s needs.

“Free time is not a word that parents have in our vocabulary and I kept that in mind when we designed the site,” explains Lekkos.“It’s all about getting this information out to parents to keep them informed and updated. There is an enormous amount of constant change concerning children today. Tendle.com allows parents to keep up to date and share relevant information to their child’s specific school.”

A few highlights from Tendle news include five terms that every parent should be concerned about hearing their child say:

  • Vaping
  • Spice
  • Ask.fm
  • The FireChallenge
  • Vodka Eyeballing

Don’t know what these terms are all about? Check out the site and get all the important answers.