Terrifying Giant Spiders are Invading Homes to Lay Hundreds of Eggs

The occasional sighting of a daddy long-legs spider in the corner of the bathroom is enough get some people to leave the room, or the house, for hours.

Giant house spiders however, take arachnophobia to a whole other level. They are roughly the size of mice and they have been invading British homes in recent weeks.

They are said to be able to grow up to about 12 centimeters.

The giant spiders have been spotted in many different homes and are apparently making their way in to find a dry and warm place to mate. What’s even worse? A female can lay hundreds and hundreds of eggs.

Chris Ayre, an arachnologist, says they are flocking into British homes, especially this month, because they’re searching for a safe space to spend mating season.

Thankfully, although the bite is painful and almost like that of a bee sting, the fangs are not long enough to pierce through human skin.

These beasts are huge and definitely frightening, but harmless. They were compared to as the “Golden Retrievers of the spider world,” as they are very shy and prefer to be in dark crevices.

If you see this spider in your home, don’t wait for it to lay hundreds of eggs. Call an expert and get them out as soon as possible!