Man Drops Bad Acid, Terrorizes Town for 7-Day “Spiritual Journey” Crime Spree

A Washington man’s seven-day crime spree has resulted in some 14 criminal charges, ranging from theft of a firearm to burglary to kidnapping. The whole ordeal started with some bad acid.

George Jacobson, 23, terrorized several residents of Roy, Washington from Sept. 26 to Oct. 3 in a series of bizarre, drug-induced crimes.

The first incident in what must have been one hell of a week took place when a local man, Sherman Deach, discovered another man, allegedly Jacobson, inside his barn holding a single black rubber boot. Jacobson then dropped to his knees with his hand in the air, finally leaving when Deach threatened to unleash his dogs on him.

From there, Jacobson made his way into the kitchen of Deach’s neighbor Nikki Foster. She wandered in to find him waving a gun and rambling about her “mean neighbor.” Terrified, Foster asked what he wanted, and he asked for food and a glass of water before explaining that he was “on a spiritual journey” and his “boot contained jewels.”

She and her husband eventually managed to coax Jacobson off her property, but didn’t realize until later he had made off with her handgun.

Vocativ reports that the next incident took place on Oct. 3, when a local found Jacobson searching his car. The witness managed to scare Jacobson off, leaving behind a stash of stolen knives.

He then broke into the home of 66-year-old Sally Andrews. He warned her not to scream and promised not to hurt her before stealing her Honda Accord. The car was later found abandoned in a ditch.

From the crashed car, Jacobson made his way into the home of Robert Sheets, where he confronted the homeowner with his own gun and wearing only a pair of red shorts. He demanded fresh clothes and a ride to his home in nearby Rainier, Washington. Sheets did what he asked. He even stopped at a McDonald’s on the way so Jacobson could get a soft drink.

Jacobson’s spree finally ended when police arrested him in Rainier. He told police he had blacked out for a week due to a batch of bad LSD, although he apparently “prefers meth.”

His only memory was being taken to a drive-thru by a “nice man.”