Tesla Model S Driver Caught Sleeping at the Wheel in Traffic (VIDEO)

When Elon Musk unveiled the $132,700 Tesla Model S P90D sedan, people were hesitant to believe that this electric car could actually drive itself. But it appears that the driverless future is coming our way.

The Model S is able to utilize a series of sensors, from radar to ultrasonic to optical, in order to maintain awareness of many situations, including the traffic around the vehicle. If the computer senses that it cannot handle a situation, an alarm will sound and flash a “Take over immediately!” warning so that the driver can take over steering.

If the driver doesn’t grab hold of the wheel, the car will automatically slow itself down to avoid an accident.

When the Model S has its autopilot mode engaged, it has been known to¬†follow traffic quite well. That’s probably why this guy was caught sleeping behind the wheel in traffic!

Check out the video above to see just how much trust drivers are putting in the hands of their autopilot vehicles.