Tesla’s Stocks Soar

If you’re investor looking to make a fortune and you thought Tesla would be your ticket to the Caribbean cruise of your dreams, you may have missed the boat.
Tesla’s stock soared into record territory Monday after the electric car maker received another upgrade from Wall Street analysts.
By the end of May, Tesla’s stock price has been rising rapidly, hitting an all-time high of $110.33 per share on May 28. tesla stocks
Shares briefly rose above $116 in early trading before pulling back. But Tesla’s stock (TSLA) was still up 7% to $114.52 in afternoon trading today.
Tesla may sell more cars in the second quarter of 2013 than the company had previously estimated, wrote Jefferies analyst Elaine Kwel, who hiked her price target on the stock to $130 from $70
The company is likely to report stronger-than-expected sales of the new Model S this year.
Tesla’s stock price has exploded. It’s gained a whopping 240% in the past six months and has risen more than sevenfold since the company’s June 2010 IPO.
Tesla fans say the company, founded by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, will transform the auto industry.

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