Texas College Student Caught Driving Barbie Jeep Around Campus After Getting DUI

When Tara Monroe was arrested on March 4, 2015, on DWI charges, she probably never expected she’d have to resort to getting around campus like this.

The 20-year-old industrial engineering major at Texas State University had her license suspended after refusing to take a breathalyzer test following a rap concert.

Although her dad left her with a bicycle to get around, she went her own route and purchased a $60 pink Barbie Jeep off Craigslist.

“This is the best way I could have gotten my fifteen minutes of fame,” she told My San Antonio. “Basically, it was the best decision I’ve made in college, yet…”

The little 12-volt battery toy car gets her anywhere she needs to go at 5 mph.

“It goes pretty fast when it’s just me, so I usually make them (her friends) walk behind me like parents taking their kid out to play,” she said. “I’m just happy everyone thinks this is so hilarious.”