Texas Couple Reunited with Baby Boy Who Was Switched at Birth

Mercedes Casanellas and Richard Cushworth have finally been reunited with their baby boy after a DNA test proved he had been switched at birth after being born at a hospital in El Salvador.

The Texas couple welcomed their child back in May, but when they explained their suspicions to the staff, they shockingly replied with “babies change color.” That’s when they began fearing the worst — that Dr. Alejandro Guidos sold their baby to human traffickers.

“When they brought her baby to her, she told them ‘this isn’t my baby,'” Aaron Beishline, a friend of Cushworth, told Dallas TV station WFAA.

After returning to Dallas, the mother’s suspicions only continued to increase.

She told a Salvadoran TV station:

I would take photos of him and put them next to my husband, trying to find something of us in him. I kept trying to convince myself that he was really ours, that over time we would begin to see a resemblance. But my motherly instincts kept telling me that he wasn’t mine.

On Monday, three months after their son was born, Casanellas and Cushworth attended a court hearing, where they were told he had been located and identified. Attorney general Luis Martinez explained to reporters: “We have returned the babies to their legitimate parents. We hope that this has not happened on other occasions.”


Prosecutors are currently investigating the doctor, whom they believe was running a baby trafficking operation.