Did This Texas Elementary School Punishment Go Too Far?

Did a Texas elementary school go too far when they disciplined a nine-year-old boy, or was it a normal time-out to handle bad behavior? That is the question many parents are now wondering after a mother claims she found her son locked in a cold, empty room. The school maintains that the “focus room” is simply a quiet place for misbehaving students to calm down.

Pictures surfaced online show Alex, a student of Carl Schurz Elementary School, huddled and crying in the corner of an empty room, his arms tucked into his short-sleeve shirt for warmth.

The photos were allegedly taken by the boy’s mother after she arrived at the school to pick up her son. She said that at first she wasn’t allowed to see the child, but eventually was taken to the room where he was being held.

The anonymous mother described the room as “frigid” and was shocked when her shivering son told her he was denied his sweater for warmth, and was not allowed his snacks.

He was allegedly kept in the room for 90 minutes alone.

A spokesperson for the school district said it was a “safe room” that is “mainly used when the student is either a harm to himself or others.” Due to privacy laws, the spokesperson could not provide any details as to what behavior led to the child’s punishment.