See the Unusual Animals Found Wandering Texas

The Texas floods brought out more than just water this week. In a report from KXAN people in Pflugerville, Texas got together to help round up a group of yaks. Locals think that the animals came from a nearby farm whose fence was most likely damaged during the floods.

A yak is a longhaired ox the comes from the Himalya region of south Central Asia. While most of the animals have horns, which can pose danger to bystanders, no one was reported harmed in Pflugerville.

The yaks were seen walking and running around the town and were cooperative when it came time to gathering them to go home.

The Texas floods have killed in estimated 15 people so far, with multiple people still reported as missing. San Marcos was one of the cities that got hit the hardest with the storm which is just a short 55 miles from Pflugerville.

The state is slowly taking count for the lives of those lost and still missing.