Texas Grandmother Survives Two Days Trapped in Ravine without Clean Water or Food

Wanda Mobley from Brownwood, Texas, embarked on a road trip to Oklahoma by herself when she accidentally drove off the highway and into a ravine. Hidden from view, with no way for the drivers on the road above to see her, 75-year-old Mobley had to fend for herself for two days before her family found her.

According to reports from NBC Dallas Fort Worth, Mobley survived for 48 hours by drinking oily water that leaked from the car—she was forced to sop it up and drink it from a t-shirt—and some Sprite that she found in the back of her car.

She was able to escape the car by breaking through the windshield, but without food or clean water couldn’t make it very far from her vehicle. She was about two miles from the nearest house.

She was discovered when her grandchildren became worried when the family didn’t hear from her. A missing persons report was filed, and posts spread on social media.

It was when a family member went out to post fliers along the highway that they noticed one tiny sign had been knocked down.

She was airlifted to the hospital, where it was discovered that she had suffered a compression fracture to her lower back, along with cuts and bruises. She is reported to be recovering from the ordeal, but may require surgery.

Mobley said she never had any doubt that her family would look for her. After she was rescued she told her granddaughter “you just have to have faith in God that He’s going to look out for you.”