Texas Man Shoots Wife in the Head to End Her ‘Suffering’

Nelson Harvey, 91, fatally shot his wife in the head this past Saturday in their retirement home. It’s unclear what condition Evelyn Harvey suffered from but it has been verified that she was terminally ill.

A health care worker at the Monte Vista at Coronado Apartments in El Paso found her dead during a routine bed check around 8:10 am. At first, caretakers believed she’d died in her sleep.

Approximately three hours later, they saw the gunshot to the head and Nelson Harvey was suspected of shooting her. He was woken from his sleep, at which point he immediately turned his gun, which he’d stashed in the dresser of the assisted living facility, over to the caretakers. He admitted to killing his wife, saying he did so to “end her suffering.”

The couple was married for 65 years and had no surviving family members or friends.

“The victim had died during the course of the night,” according to a police report obtained by the Times. “He was tired of her suffering so he shot her.”

Harvey has been arrested on charges of murder. As of Monday night he was being held in an El Paso jail on $25,000 bond.

Criminal defense attorney Brock Benjamin told KFOX that a prison sentence would likely kill Harvey. It is not known from what illness his wife was suffering.

Evelyn and Nelson Harvey were married 65 years and had no surviving family members.Evelyn was suffering due to h…

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