Texas Woman Attacks Brother for Eating Her Barbecue Ribs

Texans love their barbecue. In fact, it seems they love it so much they’re willing to stab another man for a great slab of ribs — even if that man is family!

That’s what Austin police learned when they arrested Ethel Jean Banks, 61, on September 27 for attacking and attempting to stab her brother because he ate her ribs. According to Detroit’s Fox 2 News:

The bother explained to Banks he didn’t know they belonged to her. However, the apology was not enough for Banks and she pushed him. In true brother-sister fashion he pushed her right back; that is when the barbecue debacle got out of control.

Officials say, Banks went into the kitchen; grabbed a 10-inch butcher knife; held it over her head; and screamed out she was going to kill her sibling.

At this point, the man fled the house and called 911 for help. When officers arrived to the house on the 100 block of Hergotz they heard contradicting tales from the pair.

Banks was charged with aggravated assault (family violence), a second-degree felony.

This is not the first time Banks has had a run-in with the law. HNGN reports, “This latest incident is the second time Austin Police have responded to the Banks home this year, over a barbecue no less. Austin PD responded to another scuffle between Ethel Jean and a family member in June of this year.”