Family Receives Text Messages from Dead Grandma

For the past three years, a woman named Sheri Emerson, along with her father and uncle, had been sending text messages to a deceased family member in order to deal with their grief.

The woman, Lesley Emerson, 58, who died from bowel cancer, was buried with her cell phone because she loved using it to communicate with her family while she was alive.

You can imagine the shock this family received when they sent texts to her number and received replies from “beyond the grave.”

According to the Mirror, the granddaughter Sheri received a text saying, “I’m watching over you, and it’s all going to get better. Just pull through.”

“I stared at my phone and the message was written as though it was from her, it was so strange, I went cold and shaky,” explained Sheri.

At first, the family believed their loved one was actually reaching out to them from the afterlife, but in reality, it was just some prankster who got a hold of her old number.

Although the phone company promised that her number would not be given out to anyone else, another customer got his hands on it and began answering the heartfelt texts he was receiving.

But you’d be surprised to know that he wasn’t initially doing it out of spite. Apparently, he was only replying in the beginning because he thought his friends were messing with him. Later on down the line, when he realized the number belonged to someone who died, he went along with the scam, sending a series of replies.

When the woman’s family discovered what was really happening, they were in distraughts. They really believed she was trying to communicate with them.

“He got the number innocently but 02 had promised my dad when he rang after Nan’s death that the number would be destroyed so as far as we were concerned it would always be hers,” Sheri said.