Thai Man Marries Cobra He Thinks Is His Dead Girlfriend

There is a Buddhist theory that people are reincarnated after they die into animals. This is a really simplified way of looking at it, but ultimately it leads to this: a Thai man has married a cobra because he thinks it’s his dead girlfriend reincarnated.

Grief can do crazy things to people, but not everyone goes around marrying their pet snake after they lose someone important to them.

The ten-foot-long cobra, a.k.a “girlfriend”, and Thai man enjoy doing everyday couple things together, including cosying up in front of the television, playing board games (snakes and ladders is their fave), going to the gym, and sharing romantic picnics by a local lake. They spend most of their time together now, as man and snake.

Image Source: MyRepublica
Image Source: MyRepublica

Warranan Sarasalin from Kanchanaburi in Thailand sent images of him and his “girlfriend” to the Daily Mirror, after which they went viral. The photos show that the cobra gets what it needs and much more. He says that “true love is true love,” which we guess is a way of saying how much he really digs his reptilian partner in crime.

The man lost his girlfriend five years ago, and found that the cobra bore a ‘striking resemblance’ to the woman after spotting it in South East Asia. He is never away from the snake, and takes it everywhere he goes, including his bed at night.

He’s become somewhat of a celebrity in his town, probably because you don’t see a man marrying a ten foot cobra every day, at least where we’re from.

Image Source: MyRepublica
Image Source: MyRepublica

This is not the first known case of a human marrying an animal. For example, in an Indian village earlier this year, a seven-year-old boy married a female dog to ward off evil spirits, as his horoscope predicted his first wife would die at a very young age.

Jerry Springer has featured a man who married a pony, back in 1992, while in 2010 a Balinese eighteen-year-old was forced to marry a cow after having relations with it, in order to cleanse the village of the “unholy act.”

In 2005, a woman married a dolphin named Cindy, after a fifteen-year relationship with the underwater mammal. And in 2010, a German man married his asthmatic cat after finding out it didn’t have much longer to live.

Love is blind to a lot of things, apparently including animals.