Thanks to Lindsay Lohan, We’re Missing Elizabeth Taylor Again

Although Liz & Dick producer Larry Thompson assured Out magazine this week that Lindsay Lohan “became Elizabeth Taylor” while portraying the late actress in the new television biography Liz & Dick (premiering November 25 on Lifetime), many of Taylor’s fans remain skeptical about Lohan’s ability to convincingly portray their favorite film star.

While both women were children when they first stepped in front of the movie camera, both fought repeated battles with substance abuse, and both became favorites of the tabloids, only Dame Elizabeth managed to still rise to the top of her profession, becoming the first actor ever to be paid $1 million for a lead film role (for 1963’s Cleopatra) and winning three Oscars.

Lohan’s personal missteps have seen her acting career slow considerably, which has led to her plugging products in tweets as a means to help pay the rent. And while Taylor ultimately overcame her addictions, allowing her to become one of the world’s most visible and effective AIDS advocates, it remains to be seen if Lohan’s life will mirror Robert Downey Jr.’s or River Phoenix’s. We still have our fingers crossed that the Mean Girls star will rekindle the je ne se qua that made us fall in love with her in the first place, but we aren’t holding our breath.

All of this talk about Lindsay as Elizabeth has made us miss the late legend even more. So, while we wait to see what Liz and Dick has to offer, we decided to spend some quality time with the woman dubbed “The Last Star” via this brief but beautiful photo-filled stroll down memory lane of the life of the everyone’s favorite violet-eyed lady.

Join us below, won’t you? (Click on top left image to launch slideshow).