The 10 Happiest Countries in the World

How happy do you think Americans are in relation to people in other countries?

If you rated us in the top ten, you’d be wrong. At least that’s what the Legatum Prosperity Index suggests. The annual list is based off a study of 142 countries that are ranked on 89 factors in 8 categories, such as economics, personal freedom, and health, to determine where people enjoy the best quality of life and are thus the happiest. This might sting for some people’s egos, but the index uses these factors to try and make things as fair as possible and remove emotion from the analysis.

For the first time in the index’s history, the United States fell out of the top 10 and landed on number 12. So what were the happiest countries in the world, and what were some of the factors that earned them their rankings?

Check out the list in the slide show above. Have you visited these places? Do you want to now? Are you thinking about packing up and moving? Then let us know what you think.

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