Rihanna & J.T Among the Most Influential Celebs on Social Media

After Jay-Z’s Monday morning Twitter frenzy, we got to thinking about celebs and their social media use. It’s no secret that today’s rich and famous have taken to sites like Twitter and Instagram to share the parts of their lives fans wouldn’t normally have access to, but some do it bigger and better than others.

The stars with the widest online reach do more than just post a couple of pictures and announce tour dates; they go all out on their various social sites.

With this in mind, celebrity and entertainment website, Zimbio dug into the social media world and found out who the most influential celebrities are on the web today.

“We’re proud to share this list of celebs who’ve figured out what it takes to truly engage their audience – a combination of sharing what would otherwise be privileged information, unique and oftentimes unknown aspects of their personalities, and actually responding to fans to make us feel part of their private lives” said Jill Slattery, Managing Editor of Zimbio.

To qualify to be on this list, celebs have to be active on Twitter and Facebook, primarily famous in the U.S. (or have a significant state-side fan base), and have an individual account.

Given this criteria, Zimbio also carefully examined over 150 top celebrity’s Instagram, Google+ and YouTube accounts, and considered their scores on the online influence calculator Klout to determine which famous figures had the most dominant digital footprints.

Check out the top 10 and head over to Zimbio for the rest of the list.

1) Rihanna — Officially taking the “most influential celeb” title is pop music icon Rihanna. This star doesn’t hold back on any of her social media accounts, and rakes in retweets, likes, comments and more by the millions.Rihanna_300
2) Justin Bieber — Over 40 million Beliebers follow the young star on Twitter – the largest Twitter following online.Justin Bieber 300_N
3) Lady Gaga — An early adopter of social media sites, Gaga is wildly prolific online and strategically uses an array of sites to give her “little monsters” the perfect amount of special insight into her life behind the crazy outfits, hair and makeup.
Lady Gaga 300_N4) Katy Perry — Katy Perry brings fans into her world by tapping into the Internet’s feline obsession with frequent mentions of her cat, Kitty Purry.
Katy Perry_3005) Shakira — The singer, dancer, and Voice judge, who was retweeted more than 16,000 times when she used Twitter to announce the birth of her son in January, does a nifty balancing act connecting with both her Spanish and English-speaking fans.
Shakira_3006) Taylor Swift — The singer’s refreshingly funny social media accounts show what life is like for Swift away from red carpets and concerts.
Taylor_Swift_3007) Britney Spears — While Britney has started to pace the rate at which she cranks out albums and world tours, her social media presence has anything but slowed. Posting photo albums on Facebook seem to be a favorite pastime. 228 and counting so far.
Britney_3008) Lil Wayne — Although never shy with his social updates and random musings, Weezy is also quick to share the rap game’s latest mix tapes and remixes with his fans.
Lil_Wayne_3009) Cristiano Ronaldo — As the only non-musician in the top 10, Ronaldo shares his life on and off the pitch, but since he’s still not a household name in the United States, it might come as a shock that he’s the fourth most popular celeb on Facebook.
Christiano_Ronaldo_30010) Justin Timberlake — JT doesn’t just use social media – he owns part of it. Timberlake took over Myspace and is trying to transform it into a music lover’s paradise.