Halloween Ideas: 30 Dogs in Amazing Costumes

Halloween’s upon us again and you know what that means: pet parents are going to be getting all kinds of creative with their animal companions. We’re sure our pets aren’t exactly in love with the idea of being dressed up and stuffed into odd costumes, but we sure are. And while we love all types of pets — cats, birds, hamsters –we’re especially fond of the canine variety.

So in honor of the big dress-up day, we sniffed around the internet and put together 30 of our favorite doggie costumes. We found get-ups ranging from ghosts and witches, to bark-out-loud-funny pop culture and nerdy costumes, to tail-waggingly adorable outfits and everything in between.

If you want to paw in on the fun on Dress Up Your Pet Day, make sure to use your common sense: Don’t ruff it with your dog or use restrictive outfits, harmful chemicals or anything that might make your pet – dog or otherwise – uncomfortable. If your pooch is struggling or looks like he has a bone to pick, you should just let him out of the costume.

Okay, we’re sure you’re doggone tired of our yippity yap and just want to get the good stuff, right? Well, don’t put us in the dog-house! Here we unleash our favorite dog costumes from around the web. They’re woof-tastic — enjoy!