The Top 5 Travel Companies with the Happiest Employees

Interested in working in the travel industry? Consider the following companies that produced the highest employee satisfaction, according to an in-depth survey conducted by, a jobs and career community where people share workplace insights.

Forbes explains “The report shows how satisfied employees are with their employer, and how well (or poorly) their CEOs have fared in the past year.”

Here are the five top rated companies.

1. Orbitz
Company rating: 4.0 (out of a possible 5.0)
CEO rating: 86% spokesperson Samanth Zupan says, “Orbitz employees tout smart and creative co-workers, fun and innovative technology, as well as senior leaders who embrace transparency as just some of the great things about working at the company. Employees also rave about the open-door policy within the company, and a unique company culture.”

2. Southwest Airlines
Company rating: 3.9
CEO rating: 84%

Southwest workers boast of great travel and medical benefits, career long salary increases, receptive bosses, ample opportunities to grow, and the presence of a family-like culture.

3. JetBlue
Company rating: 3.8
CEO rating: 87%

A JetBlue employee described the company as one with “a great culture and nice atmosphere” adding “flight benefits are a plus.”

4. Ritz-Carlton
Company rating: 3.8
CEO rating: 97%

The Ritz-Carlton is the the highest ranking hotel company to work for. One employee reviewed it as a place with great values and others appreciate the good reputation of the internationally recognized-brand.

5. Four Seasons Hotels
Company rating: 3.7
CEO rating: 96%

The fifth spot also went to a hotel. The Four Seasons allow employees great training and senior leadership and also affords them great friends and family discounts, much like the Ritz.