5 Crazy Home Remedies That Work

You may have noticed everyone in your office coughing and sneezing this month. “I’m going to get sick,” you think with a sinking feeling. That determination usually turns out to be correct, and you spend a few days in bed, cursing your weak immune system.

Then there are some adults who never seem to get sick, no matter how many sick people they are around. What gives?

That’s what best-selling medical author Gene Stone wanted to know. He was always getting sick, and wanted to find out how healthy people managed to avoid illness. So he interviewed a bunch of them to find out what healthy habits he could try himself and some worked! He hasn’t been sick for years and wrote a book about it—The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick.

Below are some crazy home remedies that work. Allegedly. You can check them out and decide for yourself.

1. Take Cold Showers
It may sound unpleasant, but there’s actually scientific data to back up the theory. Apparently, cold water makes your blood rush to your organs, forcing it to move and increasing your circulation. Good circulation prevents hardening of the arteries, hypertension, and ugly varicose veins (the last one isn’t a health benefit, but who wants those ugly things?) If cold showers sound as unpleasant as a root canal, you can alternate between hot and cold water to get the same health benefit.

2. Eat Raw Garlic
Not a fan of the stinky stuff? It can be a real life saver. You can make it even healthier by crushing or mincing it and then consuming it 15 minutes later raw. Its been proven to protect against certain cancers, stave off high cholesterol and high blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, and more. If you just can’t stomach eating garlic raw, use it in cooking anything from roasted vegetables to chicken or flavoring soup and you can still get major health benefits.

3. Dunk Yourself in Hydrogen Peroxide
One of the men Stone interviewed said he dunked his head in a bucket of hydrogen peroxide every day. Hydrogen peroxide is the world’s safest, all-natural effective sanitizer. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from a mouth wash to cleaning a dishwasher or washing clothes. And while it’s been proven to be an effective nasal spray for sinus problems, we’re not sure we would recommend blinding diving into a tub of it. Do your research first.

4. Eat Dirt
Yep, you read that right. One woman Stone interviewed who never got sick lived by The Hygiene Hypothesis. It’s based on the belief that we get sick because our standard of cleanliness has gotten so high, we don’t give our immune systems enough to do. So she would eat dirt from her garden, or vegetables from it without washing them off first. Is this enough to make you abandon the 10 second rule? (Eating something that landed on the floor for less than 10 seconds). Stone says he’s tried it and now he eats anything the dog hasn’t gotten to first!

5. Mind Over Matter
Stone says when he constantly thought he was going to get sick, he always did. But, when he made a concerted effort to tell himself he wasn’t going to get sick, he didn’t. It’s a harmless thing to try whether you believe in mind over matter or not. Optimism also has its own health benefits, so if you only give one thing a try from this list, let it be this!

Main photo: joaobambu in Flickr