The 8 Hottest Women Involved in Political Scandals

We all know political scandals involving women and male elected officials have become an ever present part of today’s political landscape. From San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to Former U.S. Representative Mark Sanford to Anthony Weiner (we still giggle when we say his name), it seems more and more government officials are getting themselves into some funny business. And when they do there’s always one big question: Who was the woman involved?

Adult website decided to focus on that, switching the attention from the men to the women involved in these affairs. They asked people all across the nation to vote for the hottest ladies of political sex scandals and, naturally, the public got on board to list their favorites. Some may surprise you, and some might even spur further investigation on your part.

Everyone from Rielle Hunter, to Monica Lewinsky to Ashley Dupre were voted for. Find out who else made the list.