The 8 Most-Hated Celebrities in Recent History

Compiling a list of unlikable people may not seem like the easiest thing in the world to do, but after a quick conversation we were able to find the most hated celebrities in recently memory with ease.

These are the folks who find a plethora of excuses to (hopefully) excuse their behavior.  They claim they are misquoted or being attacked from the political left and right. They claim they snapped after being constantly dogged a pariah-like paparazzi. THAT’S why they behaved the way they did and THAT’S why we supposedly hate them.

But, at the end of the day, do the reasons really matter? This list comprises people who the public has decided to hate for one reason or another. Check them out, and let us know if you think these people should be on the lists.

Justin Bieber

Where to begin?

1. He kept 13,000 people in London waiting for 3 hours.
2. Writing that he hoped Anne Frank “would have been a Belieber” in the Anne Frank House guestbook.
3. Peeing in a bucket at a restaurant.
4. Using racial slurs and joking about joining the KKK
5. Egging his neighbor’s house

There’s just too much to list it all. When will it end?

Alec Baldwin

The 55-year-old New Yorker severed ties with MSNBC in the wake of an outburst in which he hurled insults at a photographer, caught on video by TMZ.

In the clip, Baldwin appears to call the photographer a “c–ksucking f-g.” Baldwin has also been accused of using racist slurs at a New York Post reporter, Tara Palmeri.

Gwenyth Paltrow

We’re not sure if it’s the perfect body, the perfect diet, or the seemingly perfect life, but it appears not only does Paltrow have it all, but she LOVES to brag about!


Maybe it’s simply because he calls himself “Yeezus” and then seems to honestly believe he is.

Or maybe people hate Kim because she’s obsessed with ‘selfies,’ and we’re all sick of seeing her.

Either way, my suggestion would be that he focus on music, and she focus on whatever it is she does.

Matt Lauer

It all started with people blaming Lauer for the ouster of Ann Curry from the Today Show.

Then he got paid $25 million in salary.

‘Today Show’ staffers say, “Matt’s a diva.”

Whatever the case, he’s in and Curry’s out–get over it.

Miley Cyrus

She can’t keep her tongue in her mouth. And it’s not cute. Period.

Tan Mom

The New Jersey woman known as “Tan Mom” has big plans now that the criminal case against her is over: a self-tanning lotion line, a book proposal, a comedy act, a raft of lawsuits, and most hysterical of all–a porn film.

But right now what Patricia Krentcil wants is a vacation.

“Somewhere hot so I can fry like a bacon and come back and say, ‘Ha! Ha! You can’t arrest me for lying in the sun,'” Krentcil, 44, said with a laugh.

“Fit Mom” Maria Kang

Maria Kang, known as the “Fit Mom,” was temporarily banned from Facebook after she wrote a post complaining about the positive media coverage of an online group that encourages plus-sized women to post photos of themselves in lingerie to show what “real women” look like.

Kang, then made the brilliant move of posting a photo of herself with her sons under the tag line “What’s Your excuse?”  What’s yours? We’d like to know.