Best Wake Up Prank Videos Compilation

We love a good prank video at First to Know, and we know you do, too. So when we stumbled on this one, and it had us dying (and fearing the idea of sleeping in on a Saturday morning) we knew we had to share it.

This is the best Wake Up Prank Videos all put together in one collection, and are pretty awesome. From college buddies messing with one of their roommates, to passed-out partiers finding themselves on the receiving end of some (possibly) drunk shenanigans, this collection has it all. And the beauty of it is that each bit is really short, so if you’re not into one of the pranks don’t worry about it — it’ll be over in a flash and you’ll be on to the next group.

Also rest assured that while the segments are silly fun, none of them are truly harmful. You won’t see broken bones or bloody body parts, justĀ some slightly startled (and often angry) people.

Our only real warning to along with this piece? Be careful who you show this to. You don’t want to inspireĀ friends or relatives try to wake you up this weekend like the people so kindly do to the victims in this video.

Main image: iStock