The Avante Garde Driven Lifestyle of Berlin, Germany

Like New York and Paris, Berlin, Germany, is one of those cities that never sleeps. It is a glittering destination that continues to reinvent itself overnight.

Since traveling past the rule of the National Socialists and the East German regime, this city has become prolific.

Intellectual, sophisticated and Avante Garde driven, it is Germany’s largest city, as well as the focal point for the modern zeitgeist and those seeking out a more liberal lifestyle. This corner of the world is recognized for its nightlife, diverse architecture, festivals and high quality of life.

The Berlin Wall

On November 9, 2009, Berlin celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of The Wall, which was allegedly constructed to protect its citizens from the fascists, but it in fact prevented them from escaping into the prosperous West. Between 1961 and 1989, about 136 people died while attempting to scale it.

Once the Cold War’s cruelest symbol, remnants of the wall that divided a city and its people for nearly four decades have evolved into one of the largest open-air galleries in the world.

The Party Never Stops

Everyone comes out to play in Berlin. Within this vast city there are countless elusive doors that lead to nocturnal havens. Even if you are just looking for a typical night out, there are so many clubs and bars in Kreuzberg, Mitte and Prenzlaur, such as the Berghain Panorama Bar, that you will forget what closing time even stands for. Many of the historic factory buildings that line the city have been transitioned into very popular nightlife locations. Not the normal club goer? Do you like 1970s pop? Head over to the Hafen Bar–you are more than likely to have a good time.

Tourist Attractions

There is something to interest everyone throughout this intriguing city. Divided into 12 burroughs it hosts over 420 art galleries, 153 museums, 2,500 green spaces, and is the epicenter of youth and popular culture in Europe.

The Story of Berlin, one of the most popular attractions the capital has to offer, gives guided tours to the public every hour. Make sure to visit the city’s only remaining gate. Symbolic and impressive, the Brandenburg Gate is connected to the gorgeous Unter den Linden Boulevard. The Jewish Museum and Checkpoint Charlie are two other examples of must-see sights, especially since they serve as stark reminders of the country’s dark past.

A Cultural Extravaganza

It’s almost as if the 20th century began and ended right here. To say that Berlin had a difficult past would be an understatement, but despite its struggles, this fast-changing and lively destination has managed to find the strength to fight for an abundant future. Captivating cultural events that take place include the International Dance Festival (internationales Tanzfest), the Long Night of the Museums (Lange Nacht der Museen), and the open-air events at Gendarmenmarkt in the summer, as well as open-air cinemas and concerts ranging from rock to classical music.

David Bowie once said that Berlin was, “The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could ever imagine.” You may have to go and discover that for yourself.