The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Romania: The Haunted Forest Where the Unthinkable Happens

There is a forest in Transylvania, Romania that may be the most haunted in the world. So many mysterious occurrences have been reported from the veil of thick greenery that it has earned the nickname as being Romania’s “Bermuda Triangle.”

The forest first gained its ominous reputation when a biologist named Alexandru Sift photographed what appeared to be a disc-shaped UFO while on an expedition. That was in 1968, and the forest has only created more mysteries ever since.

Its real name is the Hoia Baciu Forest, but it is better known for the paranormal mysteries that it seems to attract, than for its beautiful—if eerie—foliage.

It is supposedly the world’s most haunted forest, according to, but it isn’t occupied by ghosts alone. Other supernatural things have been sighted in an alarming number of reports. Visitors have claimed to have seen UFOs, humanoid creatures—some which seem dematerialize or materialize before your eye, and nebulous forms.

Other visitors have reported that they feel strange sensations when in the forest, and still more people report falling ill after trekking through it. They say that they experience unexplained scratches, burns, rashes, nausea, and migraines.

Still more people have disappeared completely, never to be seen again.

Despite the dangers, it has become something of a hunting ground for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from around the world.

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