The Best Weekender Bag for Those Last-Minute Summer Getaways

Planning on heading out of town for the weekend? If you don’t have at least one amazing getaway planned for the summer, whether it be a road trip or coastal escape, it’s probably time you start rethinking your priorities. Escaping for just 48 hours is sometimes all it takes to revitalize mind, body and spirit.

But a long weekend begins with packing. It may seem like a daunting task to pack for such a short adventure, but having the appropriate bag can make all the difference. Besides, who really wants to carry around a bulky piece of luggage or deal with the struggles of overpacking? Not us.

The greatest pleasure of the warmest months of the year is that you can pack light.

the catalina weekender bagIf you’re looking for a roomy, durable, and of course, stylish weekender bag, look no further than The Catalina from Lo & Sons, $120. The Catalina is spacious enough to fit more than a weekend’s worth of clothes and accessories. And, thanks to the lightweight canvas and double handles, it’ll be a breeze carrying around all your essentials to and from whatever destination you have in mind.

The Catalina features a clever shoe (or dirty clothes) zipper compartment at the bottom, is machine washable, and can be easily stored when it’s not being brought along on all your adventures.

The best part? It doesn’t cost as much as the getaway itself, leaving you with extra cash to spend on margaritas, a spa day, or even a fancy dinner. You might love the idea of a $900 leather carryall, but not necessarily the ridiculous price tag that comes along with it.

Trust us, The Catalina will soon become your most frequently used travel accessory when spoiling yourself with mini vacays. Travel well.

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