The Business Wetsuit So Stylish You Can Wear It to a Board Meeting

Just because you’re about to hit the surf doesn’t mean you can’t suit up in style. Quiksilver is selling a special wetsuit called The True Wetsuit. It functions as a traditional wetsuit, but looks like a business suit.

This stylish wetsuit can literally take you from hitting the surf to a board meeting without ever needing a change of clothes.

This business suit hybrid is available in either black or navy for $2,500. It is designed with traditional neoprene material and “Dryflight” fabric—a type of water repellent fabric to provide insulation from the elements.

The outfit even includes a tie of the same fabric.

Of course there are days when you might have to dash directly from the beach to a fancy black tie event but fear not, because Quiksilver has you covered. There is a tuxedo version available for sale as well.

Right now it seems that the suit is available in Japan, but if it catches on perhaps it will expand to international markets.

Check out the video above to see this fashionably functional suit in action.