The Chapel of Bones Will Scare You into Confessing Your Sins

Step inside the Chapel of Bones, one of the most horrifying houses of prayer ever.

It is better known as Sedlec Ossuary and is a Roman Catholic church located in the Czech Republic. Many wonder what makes this chapel so unique. Taking a look inside will answer that question. It is covered and decorated in over 40,000 human skeleton bones. From chandeliers to even a crest, almost everything is covered in the human artifacts.

As far as how the bones got to the church, well it all started in 1278, when soil was brought back from the holy land of Jerusalem. People then wanted to be buried in a holy place – that landed them in the church. Now their bodies are what decorate the chapel, and what may seem haunting is actually peaceful for many.

From skulls to fingertips every bone was used when it came to making the Chapel of Bones. It is now a must-see for those visiting the Czech Republic.