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The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year

The following is a list of travel destinations and the month you should visit that location. When you travel, there’s no reason to pay full price as long as you plan in advance to book your trip during times when prices are low.
This is the perfect time to visit Los Angeles, California. You can save 33 percent on hotels in the city of angels this month, when the nightly average rate for four-star properties dips down to $212—the lowest all year. Melbourne, Australia is another great city to visit in January. You’ll save up to $40 a night at most hotels during this winter month.
Surprisingly, Hawaii is super-expensive to visit for New Year’s, but prices steadily fall afterwards. How romantic would it be to take your sweetheart to Honolulu, Hawaii for Valentine’s Day? You can expect a 40% dip in hotel rates in February, so do it! The earlier in the month, the cheaper the rates. If you’re looking for a more exotic location, Hong Kong is very affordable to visit this month, too. You can get a 4-star hotel room for only $125 a night.
Flagstaff, Arizona is beautiful and when the temperature is cool, the rates are too. In March, you can nab a high-end hotel room for less than $100 if you do your research. From there, you’ll want to check out Sedona, especially if you’re the spiritual type. There’s always Buenos Aires, Argentina if you aren’t the domestic traveler but a more worldly type. In March, you can get a nice hotel room for as cheap as $55 a night. The weather will be cool, which makes exploring the city by foot even more comfortable.
Visiting Chicago, Illinois in April means you’re saving 54% on a hotel room. This is one of the most important cities in the U.S so visit when it’s most affordable and not so cold! If you’re looking to travel abroad, check out Copenhagen, Denmark. Tourist season is from May to October, but if you’re ahead of the game and visit in April, you’ll save up to 40% on hotels.
You’ve always wanted to visit Florida, right? Well, in May Fort Lauderdale, Florida is not humidity central yet. You can find a hotel room for about $160 a night, which is far cheaper than staying in Miami, which is so close. Sure, it’s not sunny, but London, England offers a lot of culture if that’s what you’re into. If you go after May Day, the average nightly rate will be just about $200 — and that’s cheap for this city.
They say crazy was invented in Texas, so you should go see for yourself. In June, rates for hotels drop in the area of San Antonio, Texas, which is close to 50% cheaper than staying in Austin — and you’re only an hour away. It ain’t cheap though: you’ll still be paying over $150 a night. If you want to spend less than $80 a night on an upscale hotel and see a world unlike your own, then visit Beijing in June.
Boston, Massachusetts is experiencing a cultural revival right now. The best time to visit is in July, when you can grab an elegant hotel and save over $100 a night. What better place to be on the 4th of July, anyway? If you prefer to celebrate our country’s birthday while abroad, the perfect destination during July is Sydney, Australia because hotel rates drop by 44%! It’s actually not that hot there either at this time.
If you’re not afraid of humidity, this is the month to visit New York City at the cheapest of rates. The last week of August you’ll find the cheapest hotel rates ever. Want to leave the country? Berlin, Germany is the new New York. It’s hipster central and offers very avant garde entertainment all over the city. You’ll easily find a hotel room for $100 during this month.
This is the perfect time to visit Orlando, Florida with the family. Disney prices hit their rock bottom lows and you can expect to save up to 40 percent on high season hotel prices (think $130 a night for decent rooms). Rome, Italy is nothing to sneeze at either if you’re looking for some culture. Things are mellow in this city in September, and you can expect to spend about $130 per night for four-star hotels!
If you haven’t been to New Orleans, Louisiana you should visit around Halloween. Hotel rates drop to about $200 on average per night — 34 percent less than the week of Mardi Gras. Another beautiful destination that’s cheaper than usual now is Cape Town, South Africa. In October, you’ll easily find a nice hotel for about $80.
This is the perfect time to visit San Francisco, California. It’s an expensive city, but you’ll save up to 50% on hotels if you visit in November. Expect to pay about $200 a night (much cheaper than summer time). If you’re looking for sunshine instead, visit Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Just know that prices will steadily increase and late December is when this amazing place is most expensive to visit.
If you haven’t been to Sin City, this is the time to visit Las Vegas, Nevada, when hotels are about 60% cheaper. You can find a hotel for about $80 at this time. But if you prefer culture, go to Frankfurt, Germany instead. Yes, you’ll be cold like crazy but your hotel room will be 56 percent cheaper, with four-stay hotels going for about  $112 per night.

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