The Chilling Last Text from the Murdered Becky Watts

She was just like most teenagers: living life happily while completely in love with her boyfriend. Also like most 16-year-old girls her age, Becky Watts texted her boyfriend Luke throughout the day with multiple kissing and heart emojis. However, on February 19th something was very different. According to Cosmopolitan, this is how the chain of events rolled out.

11:02 AM: Luke texted Becky that he had gotten home safely. Her reply: “GOODIE XXXX” followed by a few emojis and “jamming me.”

11:21 AM: Luke replied, Becky did not. Luke sent another message following up, still no response.

2:46 PM: Luke sent another message to Becky: “Hello.”

Beginning to get concerned Luke called his girlfriend, who did not answer the phone. As he began to get more worried he went to her house where her stepbrother’s girlfriend, Shauna, opened the door. Shauna told Luke that his girlfriend, Becky, was not home. Little did he know that she was murdered by her 28-year-old stepbrother Nathan and his 21-year-old girlfriend and that she was inside that house — dead.

On March 3 rd Becky’s body was found with more than 40 injuries. Officials think that she died in a sexually motivated attack. Nathan has been sentence to 33 years in prison and Shauna to 17 years.

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