The Cool, Crazy & Creepy People from ExpoTattoo

The sixth annual Expotattoo event in Medellin, Colombia brought out large crowds looking to get some new ink. Others however just went to see the cool, crazy & creepy tat-lebrities.

From implants and fangs to bodies covered completely in tattoos, the expo offered a very visual setting.

While yes there were many interesting people, there was one woman or should we say vampire who stole the show.

Maria Jose Cristerna is a 37-year-old former lawyer who has a forked tongue, dozens of piercings, titanium horns in her head, and a body full of ink and fangs.

Aside from Maria there were other tattoo celebrities at the expo. According to the Mirror Victor and Gay Peralta, who hold the Guinness Book of World Records title for having the most bodily alterations, also attended the event.

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