The Coolest Snowmen Ever Created

Right about now most people are officially “done” with all the Polar Vortex craziness that has impacted our winter weather. In fact, unless you’re living in drought-stricken California, you’re probably praying for a little sunshine right about now. But since we don’t have much control over the weather, we thought we’d bring a little artistic inspiration into your life, via some of the most amazing and coolest snowmen we’ve ever seen.

From easily recognizable sci-fi characters to more obscure items from Japanese anime and simply awesome pop culture references, these clever creations definitely deserve their time in the winter sun. But, fear not — you don’t have to be a nerd to love these geek-chic, super neat ice sculptures. Even if you don’t know the program or reference, it’s easy to see that these are bigger and better than any Frosty the Snowman-style stack of snowballs; indeed, these can definitely be classified as amazing works of art.

The fact that they’re all based on popular culture is just icing on the proverbial cake — at least in our minds.

There are, of course, lots of professionally produced ice sculptures that you could turn to for ideas and inspiration, but we deliberately chose snowmen that looked homemade. They just feel a bit more legit — like something you could actually accomplish with a little bit of creativity tenacity.

Our hope is that they can provide some inspiration so you’ll make one of your own. Check them out.