The Do LaB Will Celebrate 10 Years at Coachella 2014

If you want to have the best three days of your life, spend all day and night listening to your favorite bands and DJ’s, laugh, cry, dance ’til your legs give out, and experience one of the most amazing festivals in the US, by all means — go to Coachella!

It’s just a moment in time to get together with your friends (strangers, too!) and get away from everything. And The Do LaB will be there to make sure your journey is a memorable one.

This year, the Los Angeles based company will be celebrating their 10th year at Coachella. The Do LaB specializes in event production, interactive environments and creative lighting design. This team of artists, builders and lighting designers loves to get their hands dirty while bringing their visions to life with an organic approach; using all-natural material and sustainable resources.

With the amazing ability to make lasting impressions on people, they use space and stimulate your senses in a very unique fashion. Their one-of-a-kind structures and stages, which strive for fun and function, have been known to make any occasion memorable. They may even challenge your perception of reality.

Seeking to rebuild the music industry, Russell Ward, digital publicist of The Do LaB and co-founder of The Confluence, hand-selects musical talent to perform on stage.

Aside from dazzling people with their mind-blowing art and music, they alter the scorching hot environment (temperatures often hover over 100 degrees in the afternoon) by shooting cool water on all the sweaty, dehydrated festival-goers.

The Do LaB also created a not-for-profit in 2010 called Do ArT. This social enterprise assists in building artist-audience relationships throughout local and international communities, while striving to promote cultural events that foster creative expression.

We can only imagine what kind of artistic magic they will bring to the table this year. Whatever it is, you can rest assure that it’s going to be big and really awesome!

The warm desert breeze blows as the sun makes its slow decent behind the mountains. And the faint glow from the silhouette of a piece of art sways in the distance — it’s beautifully calm. Unforgettable.

Check out The Do LaB’s full lineup poster below.