The First Ever Hangover Clinic Just Opened, But Is It Sending Out the Wrong Idea?

We’ve all been there. A fun night out with friends ends up with the worst hangover the morning after. Luckily for the residents living down under, Australia has just opened its first ever hangover clinic.

The “Hangover Clinic” opened this week and it offers a patients a myriad of “cures” for their hangover. From IV drips to vitamin cocktails, the treatments range from 30 minutes to an hour.

While the clinic has gotten its share of attention, not too many people are happy about what their clinic entails.

Michael Moore, chief executive of the Public Health Association of Australia said, “This encourages people to use alcohol in an entirely inappropriate way and it’s something the government should look at very, very carefully.”

However, co-founder of the clinic, Max Petro, combated the critique by saying, “We don’t serve alcohol. We are not a pub. We encourage binge drinking as much as hospitals encourage people to get sick.”

As clever as this idea is, it’s not the first. New York and Las Vegas both have similar clinics and/or treatments to help bring aid to extreme party people who have had one too many.

The services range from about $100 to $200. Check out their website here if you want to book a service.

Do you think the hangover clinic is a good idea or does it simply throw out the wrong message? Let us know in the poll down below.

Australia’s first ever hangover clinic just opened and it’s been stirring up some controversy. Although it has bee… in First to Know’s Hangs on LockerDome