The Least Friendly Countries in the World May Surprise You

Want to meet some friendly people on your next overseas visit?

Take a cue from the World Economic Forum’s new Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, and head to Iceland.

The Forum looked at a total of 140 countries and ranked them on friendliness towards foreign visitors, and the small Nordic nation landed on top.

The forum scored countries on a scale of one to seven, that ranged from “very unwelcome” to “very welcome.”

Other countries that were rated high on the list included New Zealand, Austria and Portugal. On the flip side, the most unfriendly country was Bolivia. Venezuela, Iran and the Russian Federation also made the list of the 10 least friendly countries.

According to the states the US is also quite unfriendly, coming in at the 102nd spot. So we’re unhappy and unfriendly? We need to change things up, people.

Check out the top 10 countries on both ends of the spectrum below, along with the score each received.


1. Iceland  6.8
2. New Zealand  6.8
3. Morocco  6.7
4. Macedonia, FYR  6.7
5. Austria  6.7
6. Senegal  6.7
7. Portugal  6.6
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina  6.6
9. Ireland  6.6
10. Burkina Faso  6.6


131) Mongolia 5.5
132) Bulgaria 5.5
133) Slovak Republic 5.5
134) Pakistan 5.3
135) Iran 5.2
136) Latvia 5.2
137) Kuwait 5.2
138) Russian Federation 5.0
139) Venezuela 4.5
140) Bolivia 4.1

Feature Image: Roman Gerasymenko