WATCH: The Guys at Epic Meal Time Make the Biggest Oreo in the World

Craving an Oreo? Would you like a mini one…or the biggest one in the world?

Back in 2014, the guys from Epic Meal Time created a giant Oreo cookie from scratch. They claim it contained 146,000 calories and 8,475 grams of fat.

The creators made the two cookies using dozens of Oreo packs and a whole lot of cake batter. They also made two batches of filling, because everyone knows the double-stuffed Oreos are better!

The result was incredible. Seeing the “Mega Oreo” placed next to a regular sized Oreo will astound anyone, perhaps even bringing them to tears of joy.

We first published this story in 2014 when the event happened, and it was so popular we thought we’d bring it back. Watch the video above to see how the Mega Oreo is made.