Discover the Healing Power of Pets

2. Dogs Can Smell Cancer

the healing power of pets dogs
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There have been numerous stories of people who have discovered they have cancer because of the actions of their dogs. In one case, a man was minding his own business when his dog (who had never been aggressive before) bit his foot. The dog owner went to his doctor and it was discovered he had cancer in the exact same spot.

Also, a Boxer kept sniffing and pawing at his master’s breast. Carol Witcher, who had already been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past but had been in remission, decided she should go to her doctor. She was told the cancer had come back, but caught it in time — thanks to her pup.

According to cancer researchers, dogs can be trained to smell lung and breast cancers. In a recent study, five ordinary household dogs were trained (much like dogs who sniff out bombs) to detect cancer by smelling the human breath. Fifty-five lung and 31 breast cancer patients were used – remarkably, the dogs were 99% accurate in identifying cancer.

While this pilot program has a ways to go, dogs could very-well play a larger role in cancer detection in the future.