The Heartbreaking Moment Kids Are Taken Away by Child Protective Services (VIDEO)

Child Protective Services (CPS) removes children from households when it is necessary to protect them. There are varying circumstances under which a minor is taken from their parents and placed into protective custody, such as neglect or abuse.

After removal, they are either placed with a relative, Non Related Extended Family Member (NREFM) or in foster care.

If you’ve ever experienced a visit from a CPS caseworker, or know someone who has had their kids legally taken, you’re aware that it can be very difficult and heartbreaking. Sometimes, they can take a child without the parent’s permission, however, these are emergency cases, where immediate removal is necessary.

In the video above, two children are forcefully removed from their home. It’s hard to watch, but it’s the reality so many families face each and every day.

Image: iStock