The Heartbreaking True Story of David Vetter AKA the ‘Bubble Boy’

Immediately after his birth at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston on September 21,1971, David Vetter was forced into a plastic bubble.

He had only been exposed to the outside world for a matter of moments. From that point forward, he lived his entire life behind plastic, and the only touch he ever felt was with neoprene gloves.

Vetter suffered from a rare inherited condition called severe combined immunodeficiency, and his bubble was meant to protect him from germs in the outside world.

His mother wasn’t even able to hold him in her arms until July 29, 1977, when NASA created a specially made suit for him.

In the end, there was nothing doctors could do to save his life, even though they initially thought a bone marrow transplant would provide him with a fully functioning immune system.

Sadly, after a failed 1984 operation that forced him outside of his bubble, he died at the age of 12. Today, the disease is treatable 90 percent of the time.

Watch the video below for more on this heartbreaking story.