WATCH: Christians Criticize the Bible Thinking the Verses Are Islamic

With ISIS causing worldwide tension and bloodshed, there isn’t much good PR for Islam these days. Instead of trying to convince Americans that Islam is not so different from Christianity in terms of violence, a group of pranksters decided to do something else to prove their point. They call this prank “The Holy Quran Experiment.”

These unnamed pranksters replaced the cover on some Bibles to make them look like the Quran and went around asking people to read the verses and give their opinions of them.

As you’ll see in the video above, most people were horrified about the verses they read. Some passages called for oppressing women so that they remain submissive. Others called for cutting off limbs as a punishment. Most of us think of these acts as being written only in the Quran, but we’re all wrong.

When the participants were asked what they thought about the supposed Quran compared to the Bible, the participants criticized it and concluded that the Bible is far more peaceful and inclusive. However, that’s not the case at all.

The pranksters in the video did their research to compare and contrast the two holy books, and this is what they found:

There are 532 cruel or violent passages in the Quran, just over 8 percent of the book. The Bible contains 1,318 cruel/violent passages which amounts to around 4 percent of the book. The Bible is also a bigger book with about 25,000 more verses than the Quran.

When the participants in the experiment are finally told that the “Quran” is actually the Bible in disguise, they are genuinely shocked that their “peaceful” and more inclusive Bible is actually violent and not so inclusive.