The Horrifying Story of the Collar Bomb Heist – The Man with a Bomb Strapped Around His Neck

What was supposed to be a normal day for a pizza delivery man in 2003 turned fatal when he embarked on a scavenger hunt to save his own life.

According to ABC News, Brian Wells received an order to deliver two large Mama Mia’s pizzas to a location that led to an unoccupied radio tower. That is where officials believe Wells was captured and had an explosive bomb attached to his neck. Afterwards, he was instructed to rob a bank and follow a set of clues to receive a key to unlock the bomb.

Doing what he was told, Wells walked into a bank, handed the teller a note and walked out with a bag of money. However, it wasn’t long until the police tracked him down and had him in handcuffs sitting on the side of the road.

News cameras filmed Wells while he pleaded with the police, explaining that he had a ticking bomb around his neck. While waiting for bomb control, the explosive around his neck ticked one last time before killing Wells, just moments before the officials arrived.

The story takes an even weirder turn when a man name William Rothstein confessed to police that he was storing a body in the freezer of his home. It was the body of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong ’s boyfriend whom she had shot. The two stories collide when investigators found out that home was located near the radio tower in which Wells delivered the pizza.

According to the New York Post after much investigation and interrogation, Diehl-Armstrong came clean about being guilty in both cases.