The Horrifying Tale of the Flatwoods Monster, a Haunting, Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved mysteries have the ability to captivate the human psyche unlike anything else. These stories grab hold of a person’s imagination, filling their thoughts with unanswered questions and dreadful conclusions.

Some of the most shocking cases seem to involve accounts of alien lifeforms and unidentified spacecrafts. There’s one story in particular that has made a believer out of even the biggest alien skeptics out there. It involves a creature called the Flatwoods Monster.

Back in 1952, in Braxton County, West Virginia, witnesses claim to have seen a burning spacecraft fall from the sky around 7:15 p.m., as well as a mysterious, glowing being. A few boys were playing at the schoolyard nearby when they looked up and watched the object plummet into a hill.

“The air had a metallic smell which burned our eyes and noses,” exclaimed Kathleen May.

Kathleen and her two sons had joined the group of boys on a search party to see what going on. The group included her sons, Freddie,14, and Eddie, 13, along with Neil Nunley, 14, Gene Lemon, 17, and Tommy Hyer and Ronnie Shaver, both 10.

Allegedly, Lemon’s dog ran into the distance towards the crash site, only to return frightened with its tail between its legs. As everyone approached the hill, they spotted a “glowing, hissing” creature. One boy, who had a flashlight, walked toward it only to discover that the being was ten feet tall and dressed in very ornate clothing, had a bright red face, and a head that looked like the ace of spades.

That’s when the supposed space invader began to “float” and move toward them, forcing the group to flee down the hill and contact Sheriff Robert Carr and his Deputy, Burnell Long.

Once home, the boys got in touch with some of their classmates to inform them about what they saw. By the time the Sheriff arrived, the place was a madhouse, swarming with people wanting to see the creature for themselves.

A reporter, A. Lee Stewart, later went with one of May’s sons down to the location where the sighting happened. As they got close, Stewart was hit by an unusual smell, though he saw nothing out of the ordinary that night.

The next morning, he returned to the location to find “skid marks” on the ground, providing evidence that there was some kind of object there previously.

Sheriff Carr thought the kids only saw a meteor falling from space, and that the so-called alien they encountered was a wild animal. However, his explanation didn’t add up to eyewitness accounts of the event.

Throughout the town, more residents began coming forward saying they witnessed something strange, too. Some said they saw a “bright, orange” object floating overhead, while others allege to have seen the Flatwoods monster.

When the case was investigated by naturalist Ivan Sanderson, things got even more peculiar. He took eyewitness reports and soil samples, but those discoveries were never made public. So, what really happened that night?

Alas, the events that occurred on September 12, 1952, remain an unsolved mystery.