The Internet Is Going Nuts About How Dogs Should Wear Human Pants

The image you see above was first posted on Monday evening, and it’s causing a huge frenzy, so much so that even hard-news sites are posting the image and begging for an answer.

Obviously, dogs don’t wear pants, but for a minute, try to think logically and deeply for an answer as to how many legs should be covered by pants, if a dog were to actually wear such a thing.

On the one hand, it seems obvious that dogs should cover only their hind legs (as we do) and not all four legs, just because that’s what pants to. But on the other hand, dogs use their front legs for walking so it could just as easily be argued that human pants should be specially tailored to cover all four legs on a dog.

Well, what do you think (vote in our poll below so we can settle this very important debacle once and for all!)?

It seems everyone's in a tizzy about this question that's been going viral since Monday.
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This nagging question has caused more than a few fights on Facebook, apparently. It’s also inspired some websites, like Mashable, to come up with illustrations of human clothing for other animals as well.

As for us, we’re not moving into the territory of ferret tube tops or thongs on reptiles just yet. We need to settle the question of pants on dogs first before we go any further.

Well, what would you have man’s best friend wear?