We Saw ‘The Interview’ Before It Got Scrapped. Take That, Terrorists.

When I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of The Interview earlier in the year, I had no inkling I was watching a film destined to become so controversial. But here we are months later, when it seems that Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen’s sophomore directorial effort might never see the light of day because of Sony’s willingness to give in to hokey hacker terrorists.

If The Interview does ever get a proper release, it will likely be watched by everyone and their conservative, commie-hating father. Until then, I’m among a select few who saw the movie — which isn’t so much a biting satire as it is a funny, aimless comedy about James Franco being dumb and Seth Rogen having a couple of his fingers bitten off.

Beyond the obvious criticism of North Korean leadership, The Interview does have a few things to say in its depiction of vapid pop culture influencing world events — a point it’s hard not to believe, in light of the terrorism hubbub generated by a film from the same guys who wrote freakin’ Pineapple Express.

I wrote a full review, which you can read here.