You’ll Never Guess What This Theme Park in China Uses to Attract Visitors

Have you ever heard of The Kingdom of the Little People, or Dwarf Empire? It’s an amusement park in Kunming, China, where spectators are entertained by dancers and actors who are living with dwarfism.

Throughout history, dwarfs have been entertainers, often as part of a circus acts or freak shows. Today, if you were to go online and do a simple search for “dwarf entertainment,” you’d find that there are a variety of services available, including appearances at birthdays, weddings, and even corporate functions.

But we were still surprised to discover that there are entire theme parks dedicated to exploiting those who are short in stature.

Founded in 2009 by real estate mogul Chen Mingjing, the park is unlike anything we have ever seen: 13,000 acres of rolling hills and gorgeous landscape, small cottages with crooked chimneys.

Mingjing says his park is providing dwarfs with steady employment and a place to live, something they’d struggle to find elsewhere in the country.

According to VICE:

In a land far, far away, love flourishes in a kingdom quite unlike any other. In mushroom-shaped homes and old dormitories, a community of dwarfs—all less than 51 inches tall—can be found singing, dancing, and performing on a daily basis for visiting tourists.