Eerie Photos of the Last Outfit People Were Wearing When They Vanished

This haunting series of photographs titled, The Last Outfit of the Missing, from San Salvador-based photographer Fred Ramos shows the clothing people were wearing when they vanished.

The images cover the subject of los desaparecidos, or the disappeared, in El Salvador, which, due to gang violence, is one of the world’s most deadliest countries.

Sadly, even when the bodies of the victims who go missing are discovered, they are rarely identified. Since the government has no official policy on how to deal with these grim circumstances, families of los desaparecidos are forced to just wait, while some of them actually go out in search of the bodies themselves.

Over the past two years, citizens have attempted to establish a bank that holds DNA samples of the discovered human remains so that relatives searching for their loved ones could have closure, but conflicts between the Supreme Court Justice and Legislature placed the project on an indefinite hold.

It has been reported that the Government of El Salvador lacks proper resources to investigate and prosecute cases, or prevent violent crimes from taking place. From mid-February through April 2014, there was an average of 10 people killed per day. And back in May, 81 people were killed in just one weekend

The majority of serious crimes, including murder, rape and torture, are never solved. Since January 2010, only six of 31 murders committed against US citizens have resulted in proper convictions.

Check out Fred Ramos’ eerie photographs in the slideshow above.